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By Michelle Cunnah

ISBN-10: 0061738395

ISBN-13: 9780061738395

Meet writer Michelle Cunnah and the loveable characters she creates during this younger, humorous story of husband-hunting, job-hunting, and –toughest of all – apartment-hunting in New York.

A get together, a merchandising, and a minimum of, a suggestion. On her 30th birthday, Emma Taylor isn’t requesting a lot. in its place, she will get omitted in each approach: through her corporation, through her boyfriend, or even via her party-loving associates, whose thought of the best present is a bottle of breast-enhancing pills.

Now, kicked out of her boyfriend’s condominium and fixed operating for the weenie who beat her out for the activity, Emma is depressing, homeless, and sound asleep behind her automobile. yet who knew what an excellent spot the streets should be for assembly attractive males? Emma would possibly not have a lot filling up her bikini best, yet she does have the selection to come back on her ft, so she strikes in with horny Jack (strictly in a landlord/tenant capacity), stands out her chin (and her chest) and will get difficult at paintings. possibly flat ladies could have a few enjoyable …

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