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By Shawn Kupfer

ISBN-10: 1426891105

ISBN-13: 9781426891106

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Happens all the time. Some unit gets convinced another unit has a better room than they do, try to forcibly switch. No one fucks with Echo rooms, though. 舡 *** The next morning, guards walked up and down the halls pounding on doors at five. 舡 they yelled. Nick rolled out of bed and jammed his feet into his secondhand boots. Despite being two slightly different sizes, they seemed to fit just fine. He zipped the sides of the boots tightly to his feet. Although he was sure he舗d slept last night, he didn舗t feel terribly rested.

Nick was still loaded with his gear from the demo mission, so he was the first out the door. He took up a position between two convicts舒Army, he noticed, and simply started shooting his M4 in the same direction they were. It didn舗t take long for him to see what they were shooting at舒several hundred men in dark green uniforms rushing toward them. Well, this isn舗t how I thought I was going to die, Nick told himself, shrugging and pumping as many rounds as he could toward the oncoming masses. He expected to be afraid, but he felt nothing.

Michael and Peter also grabbed bunks, but Christopher stayed standing, opening the window a crack and lighting a cigarette. 舠Man. 舡 Peter said, looking around the room, his nose wrinkling. 舡 Michael asked. 舠Yeah. 舡 Christopher grinned. 舠I could tell that just by looking at you, Riley,舡 he said, blowing out smoke. 舡 Michael smirked. 舠Oh yeah? 舡 舠Went there on spring break in college. Shit town,舡 Michael shot back. 舠I agree. Which is why this place doesn舗t seem so bad to me,舡 Christopher said. 舠Yeah, you know, if you squint your eyes, it pretty much looks like the place I stayed on spring break.

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