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By Theodore D. Papanghelis, Antonios Rengakos

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This quantity on Appolonius of Rhodes, whose "Argonautica" is the only real full-length epic to outlive from the Hellenistic interval, contains articles by way of 14 students from throughout Europe and the USA. Their contributions conceal a variety of matters from the heritage of the textual content and the issues of the poet's biography via questions of favor, literary approach and intertextual relatives to the epic's library and cultural reception. the purpose is to provide an summary of the scholarly dialogue in those parts and supply a survey of tendencies in Apollonian reports.

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L. UTJVK;, which Frankel, unlike Vian, admits into his text against the unanimous iw\iic, of the manuscripts. 35 Apart from the just-mentioned passages, the papyri often give a better text than the rest of the manuscript tradition, while many a conjecture has been confirmed by papyrus finds. 219 ETC! 235 eicripee? 436 \una. 1129 T ' 34 P. P. P. P. P. P. P. P. P. P. P. P. Oxy. 2700 Oxy. 2700 Colon, inv. 929 (Brunck) Colon, inv. 929 (Hoelzlin) Oxy. 2694 (Bywater) Oxy. 690 (Person) Oxy. 691 (Stephanas) Oxy.

524). Five lines at least were thus different. x>pcn)aa jcepvaGevecov jxevei dcvSpwv. Waves rose and on both sides the dark ocean seethed with foam as it churned over at the strength of these powerful men. opui>po\)acc T\)7tfjaiv epiaGevecov |ievei dvSpwv", "churned over at the blows of the powerful men". One line was thus different. ioiq r\ KCIVO |^etap^ev|/eia<; epex>0cx;8ri yap TOI [xeaori piev epe\)0fieaaa TETVKTOctKpa 8e TIO p9\) per) ndviri nekev . . You could cast your eyes more easily towards the rising sun than gaze upon the brilliant redness of the cloak.

2698 (2nd cent. ), with interlinear glosses P. Oxy. 4421 (5th cent. ), parchment codex with interlinear glosses and marginalia P. Oxy. 4421 (5th cent. ), parchment codex P. Oxy. 2698 (2nd cent. ) P. Oxy. 4414 (2nd/3rd cent. ) P. Oxy. 4422 (2nd/3rd cent. ) P. Oxy. 4414 (2nd/3rd cent. ), with interlinear glosses P. Oxy. 2696 (2nd cent. ), with interlinear glosses P. Oxy. 4422 (2nd/3rd cent. 1102 f.? 1261-74 GERSON SCHADE - PAOLO ELEUTERI P. Oxy. 2696 (2nd cent. ) PSI 1172 (1st cent. ) PSI 1172 (1st cent.

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