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By J. V. Jones

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"Wonderful . . . J.V. Jones is a notable writer." So says Robert Jordan, the writer of The Wheel of Time epic fable sequence. And Jones lives as much as that compliment within the hugely charged epic event of Ash March and Raif Sevrance, outcasts whose fates are entwined by way of destiny and by means of desire, within the chilly, darkish international that threatens to be torn asunder through a conflict to finish all wars. they're yet of many that struggle the feared Endlords, yet either Ash and Raif are distinctive in detailed ways in which isolate them, but which additionally permit them to accomplish heroic acts that will shop their world.Raif, wrongly accused and bring to an end from his extended family through the treachery in their new headsman, has a expertise for killing that's a part of his curse and his burden. yet he bears one other burden of higher weight. Ash is a sacred warrior to the Sull, an old race whose numbers have declined.Raised as a foundling, she by no means knew her precise history, she needs to discover ways to settle for the poor presents of her heritage.But as Ash learns extra of her higher destiny, Raif's activity looms darkish and determined, for he needs to trip in the course of the nightmare realm of the wish, a spot the place even the Sull now worry to tread. For deep in the wish is the fort of gray Ice, and there he needs to heal the breach within the Blindwall that already threatens the area. should still he fail, no longer even Ash's powers can store them...

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Aye, and strength, as you would have it, isn't solely the preserve of those who lead. " "I know it, Merritt. " For the first time since she had entered the widows' hearth, Raina felt a lessening of the tension. Slender and lovely Moira Lull cleared the space beside Merritt on the bench. The women at the back returned to their tasks and Merritt took both hands from her loom and turned to face Raina full-on. "You're looking thin," she said. Raina sat. " Raina shrugged. " That got a smile from Merritt.

Angus shrugged. "The battle for the chiefship is coming to a head. On one side you have Skinner Dhoone, brother to the slain chief Maggis. " The Dog Lord nodded. He had Skinner's measure. The Dhoone chief-in-exile put no fear into Vaylo Bludd. Skinner had a high temper and he blew hard and long, but he had lived too many years in the shadow of his brother and no longer had his jaw. Any other man would have tried to retake Dhoone by now. A month ago he might have seized it if he'd had the balls, for Vaylo and Drybone were housed at Ganmiddich, and the Dhoonehouse held by Pengo Bludd.

They were stoic men, preferring to save their energies for hunting, not loose talk. "None of this looks good, Raina. Orrl against Blackhail. " Merritt Ganlow's ice-green eyes studied her. "Best be gone now. Keep the shawl about you. It's cold in this roundhouse ... " Tiny hairs on Raina's arms rose. Merritt's words were old and she did not know where they came from, but they stirred something within her. Unnerved, she turned to go. Merritt caught her wrist. "You are welcome in this hearth, Raina Blackhail.

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