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The 2 nice epics of (old) India, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, are written in a language, which differs from so-called classical Sanskrit in lots of information. either texts nonetheless are of a big significance in India and different international locations. due to this, a grammar describing all of the varied features of epic Sanskrit has been ignored earlier. The Grammar of Epic Sanskrit will now shut this hole.

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42, R 2,93. 72, 4,873*), dllku/a- 'fine cloth made or the dllkiila-plant' (Mbh 1 3, 1 36 . 23, 7,15. 1 0). 24, R 1 , 1 6. 1 6, 2,50. 26, 5,20. 8t, mihira- 'sun' (Mbh 3,App. 53) Pers ian See AUCIllN (1957) and EMENEAU (1988: 184). , See KUIPER (1985). For further references see BROCKlNG1UN (1998: 183 11. 29). See BURROW ( 1955: 378) and MEENAKSHI (1989: 117-1 18). • See BURROW (1957: 6-7). 1. 56, 8,16. 53, 8,17. 5, 23. 1 3 (Greek lttp(o"tpWJ,tC)'. 4 'noble', Mbh 9,63 . 7 (CE sauw/ir),(I'), 4,252·.

I co ref. i coI), coila·, m. 3,J71'O" n. 20 (cf J71'lf�, ibifl. 39, grho-, n. ro-, min. 52. daria-. n. 6, d010-, n. 51, dos· m. 319". dJ'flla-, m. 31, d(1I'O-, n. 9, dMnJ'O-, m. ). 62, lIogora-, m. , n. 37. �poda-. m. 'OdllfJ-. n. ). 33, ( ,,)pig i a-, n. ). R 4,47. 13, prD),olno-, n. 12, proIr16da-, n. (..... 5, (")blr6ga·, n. ), R 3,53. o-, m. (..... 7, n. II. (.... 8. bIIl/l'D/W-, m. ng(1ra, n. 12, bln'ila- m. (.... 3 (cf. , n.. ibid. 1 ()" 1 1), -bJwga-, n. 9. madhu-, m. ). 2. malllra. n. ), Mbh 3,610 •.

Absence of sandhi In classical Sanskrit the application of me rules governing sandhi is generally obligatory. These rules "are based chiefly on the avoida"ce ojhill(wi" (MACDONELL 1927: 1 0). Thus, by and large, no lJiaful' between words is pennitted. Jt is obviated either by the crasis of the final with the initial vowel or by transfonnation of the final vowel into the appropriate semi-vowel or by elision of tbe word-initial vowel (see KI,ELHORN § 17). A hiatus is only pennittcd under well defined conditions' .

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