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By Rodney J. Payton

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This booklet is a radical advent to the Inferno for latest reader. it truly is in accordance with Professor Payton's decades of analyzing Dante's masterpiece with collage undergraduates and upon the paintings of some of the best sleek critics. The Guide can be utilized on my own as a severe relief or as a reference paintings for extra study.

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Earthly wisdom, while possessing some of the characteristics of heavenly wisdom does not possess all of them (Kenny 1980). Earthly wisdom is a pale reflection of the true glory of God's wisdom which, however, exists only in and of God. Similarly, earthly love and heavenly love are only analogically related. Earthly love, for instance, is constantly muddled by material concerns: lust, procreation and the demands of the flesh. Heavenly love, on the other hand, is purely spiritual. Dante's love for Beatrice, his Courtly Love, wherein he understands •court" as the court of Heaven, is a disciplined attempt to experience an earthly love as close to heavenly love as is humanly possible.

In that way, Virgil's authority is tied to Dante's own and authenticates it. Secondly, Virgil, as a poet, had written the Aeneid specifically to bring about a political goal in which Dante also passionately believed: the unification of Italy. In Virgil's time, the problem was to reunify the state after the civil war. In Dante's, the problem was the disunity of Italy brought about by the corruption of the Papacy, its acquisition of wealth, and the resultant political and military struggle with the Holy Roman Empire.

The traditional seven are: baptism, Limbo 43 confirmation, the Eucharist (Lord's Supper), penance, holy orders, marriage and extreme unction (final blessing of the dying). Of these, the one at issue here is baptism in which the anointing of the (usually infant) individual with water removes the guilt which the individual bears as a consequence of the sin of Adam. The fact that the infant can neither understand nor will the sacrament is symbolic of the belief that the grace which is given by the action is a free, unmerited gift of God.

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