Advanced Dam Engineering For Design Construction And by R.B. Jansen PDF

By R.B. Jansen

ISBN-10: 0442243979

ISBN-13: 9780442243975

This accomplished instruction manual covers numerous elements of dam know-how and gives case histories which are reviewed to illustrate rules and tactics of proved price. additionally, consciousness is given to useful points of layout, building, operation and rehabilitation.

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New PDF release: Advanced Dam Engineering For Design Construction And

This complete guide covers a variety of elements of dam know-how and provides case histories which are reviewed to illustrate ideas and tactics of proved worth. additionally, cognizance is given to functional features of layout, development, operation and rehabilitation.

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Congr. 23, Prague, Sect. 7. J. H. (1927). Preliminary report on the Gulf islands reconnaissance 1927. (Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. Ltd. unpublished report). DEFORMATION WITHIN SALT BODIES Gerhard Richter-Bernburg Haarstra^Se 8 D3000 Hannover 1 Germany I. INTRODUCTION What we call "salt formation" usually describes a con­ siderable occurrence of salt consisting mainly of NaCl, mixed or interbedded with chlorides and sulfates of K, Mg, Ca and other, less important, elements, and alternating or interspersed with anhydrite and/or mudstone.

Comparable occurrences exist along the Jordan cleft near the Dead Sea and elsewhere. The augmentation of salt in such tectonically "prepared" zones of lower stress can take place in different ways. First, the thickening of salt beds through granular trans­ formation of the NaCl by internal dissolution and recrystallization can occur. detail: Such an effect has been seen in great halite beds of a normal thickness of about 10 cm increase in a short distance to more than 50 cm in the turn of a fold, whereas the salt thins to less than 1 cm on the flanks of the fold as seen in figure 5.

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