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By Philip Chi Lip Kwok, Hak-Kim Chan

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The respiration tract has been used to bring biologically lively chemical substances into the human physique for hundreds of years. although, the lungs are advanced of their anatomy and body structure, which poses demanding situations to drug supply. Inhaled formulations are usually extra refined than these for oral and parenteral management. Pulmonary drug improvement is for this reason a hugely really good sector due to its many precise concerns and demanding situations. speedy development is being made and gives novel options to current remedy difficulties. Advances in Pulmonary Drug Delivery highlights the newest advancements during this field.

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Patton and Samantha R. 1 Examples of siRNA-Based Therapeutics in Clinical Trials for Lung Diseases Product Name ALN-RSV01 Excellair™ Delivery Agent/ Route of Administration Naked siRNA/ intranasal Unknown/inhalation Latest Development Status Indication Sponsor RSV infection Alnylam pharmaceuticals Zabecor pharmaceuticals Asthma IIb (completed) II BARRIERS TO siRNA DELIVERY TO THE LUNG As illustrated in Figure 3�1, there are generally five steps that siRNA go through when administered via pulmonary route� Although local delivery of siRNA could obviate the need for targeting and the interaction with serum nuclease to minimize degradation, the lung itself possesses some intrinsic anatomic, physiologic, immunologic, and metabolic hurdles for efficient siRNA delivery� The specific barriers to lung 1.

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Intact siRNA reaches the target cells and enters through endocytosis Lysosomes 4. siRNA escapes from endosomes, avoids degradation, and releases from the delivery agent RISC Endosomes siRNA 5. 1 Schematic illustrates steps involved in the delivery of siRNA into the lungs� (Reproduced from Lam, J�K�-W� et al�, Adv. Drug Deliv.

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