Nancy Raines Day's Advertising: Information or Manipulation? PDF

By Nancy Raines Day

ISBN-10: 0766011062

ISBN-13: 9780766011069

Discusses how ads has built, how businesses use it to appeal to shoppers, and the impression of advertisements on humans, really youngsters.

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Richard Nixon appointed H. R. Haldeman, an advertising executive, as his chief of staff. Reagan managed to sell his image on an emo- tional rather than intellectual level, helping to him one make of the country's most popular presidents. Clinton's ability to manipulate or spin the about him is cessful that way news portrayed in the media has been so suc- has enabled him to resist countless it accusations and scandals. Creating false images for political purposes nothing new. In 1840 is presidential candidate William Henry Harrison was depicted as a cider-drinking farmer who lived in a log cabin, even though he lived in a mansion and owned a two-thousand-acre estate worked by tenant farmers.

Du powerful ad helps consumers forget that made once weapons 12 profiting tritium and plutonium for Pont nuclear and was called a "merchant of death" for from the manufacture of materials used explosives during World War in I. Advertising can also be used to "sell" to Congress members. Aircraft manufacturers prepared television commercials aimed at congressional representatives and their staff members to promote major weapons systems they wanted to build. Colorado felt Pat Schroeder of that television ads for the B-2 Stealth aircraft, a controversial fighter plane desired by the Defense Department, helped convince Congress to fund the project and saved the entire B-2 program.

In 1911 more than one hundred such clubs adopted the phrase "Truth in Advertising," and later that year a model law pro- posed by a trade publication made fraudulent Q I advertising a misdemeanor. In subsequent years, advertising groups agreed on standards, created uni- form rate structures, and emphasized ethics. " This ended claims such as the one by Fleischmann's Yeast that said the product cured crooked teeth, bad skin, constipation, and halitosis (bad breath). 19 During the 1970s the FTC and an industry group, the National Advertising Review Board, held advertising to stricter standards.

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