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By Karen Barkey, Mark Von Hagen

ISBN-10: 0813329639

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The Soviet Union was once infrequently the 1st huge, non-stop, land-based, multinational empire to break down nowa days. The USSR itself used to be, paradoxically, the direct results of one such death, that of imperial Russia, which in flip used to be yet among the many different such empires that didn't continue to exist the stresses of the days: the Austro-Hungarian Empire of the Habsburgs and the Ottoman Empire.This formidable and critical quantity brings jointly a gaggle of a few of the main extraordinary students in political technological know-how, background, and old sociology to ascertain the explanations of imperial decline and cave in. whereas they warn opposed to facile comparisons, additionally they urge us to step again from the immediacy of present occasions to contemplate the prospective importance of historic precedents.Is imperial decline inevitable, or can a type of imperial stasis be maintained indefinitely? What position, if any, does the expansion of bureaucracies had to run huge and intricate political structures of this kind play in financial and political stagnation? what's the “balance of energy” among the guts and the peripheries, among the dominant nationality and minorities? What coping mechanisms do empires are inclined to enhance and what impact do those have? Is modernization the inexorable resource of imperial decline and supreme cave in? And what assets, together with the imperial legacy, can be found for political, social, and financial reconstruction within the aftermath of cave in? those are only many of the tantalizing questions addressed via the individuals to this interesting and well timed quantity.

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1 (Berkeley: Unil'Crsin' of Cdit(lrnia Press, 1977). 19. 's .. ["jO,. Hr",. (New York: Basic Books, 1 ':18')). In p"rticubr, sce Juan J. ""kdoWIl otDolIQ(l'Ilti .. i,,;s, Brt'llkdo'wli. ,,tioll (Ihltill1orc: The Johns Hopkins Uni\'er~it\, Prcss, 1 \/78). 21. For a disL'msion of attrition ;lnd mILt)'se, see Alcx'll1dl'l' J. \Iot\'l, "Imperial Collapse and RC\'olution,try Chan~e," ill cd. lrd Vahrcnbml" ViI' Wi<'I1<'1' JtI;'rbulldeJ'(''-'''lId,' (\'iLlln,,: BochLIII, 1993), 813-81 '), Sce also Rein 'C"'gepcra, "Pattcrns (Ii Empirc Growth and Dedinc: Contcxt for Russia," lll,pllhiishcd papcr,l\iareh 1\/95.

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