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Derec tried the less obvious. Adam, Eve, Lucius, he sent. At once his mental interface filled with a hiss of static like that from a poorly tuned hyperwave radio. Behind it Derec heard a faint whine that might have been a signal, but it might have been just noise. On the off chance that they were still receiving, he sent, J order you to respond. Nothing happened. He cancelled the link and said aloud, “They do seem to be locked up. I got nothing on the comlink, either. ” Avery—lacking an internal comlink of his own—stalked out of the robots’ cubbyhole, went to the corn console in its niche in the library, and keyed it on.

Bring the others to the same destination, he sent, turning around to focus on the other members of the group, who were each boarding booths of their own. He sent the image with his order, thus defining which “others” he was talking about. It was probably unnecessary in all but Lucius II’s case, since everyone else knew where they were going, but it never hurt to be certain. Acknowledged, came the response. On a whim, Derec sent, Patch me into receivers in the other booths in this party. Patched in.

Not even the Three Laws, built into the very nature of their brains, could keep them from occasionally damaging themselves, or disobeying orders, or even harming a human, however inadvertently. It kept such harm to a minimum, surely, but it didn’t prevent it entirely. Nor would anything Derec could do keep these robots from letting their curious nature draw them into unusual situations. They were like cats; only dead ones stayed out of mischief. “So,” Derec said, stretching out and putting an arm around Ariel.

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