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By Carl W Hoagstrom

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A basic introduction to ethology, which considers the effects of aging on behavior. Slobodkin, Lawrence B. Growth and Regulation of Animal Populations. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1961. A classic text on population analysis; covers the effects of aging on population demographics. ALLOSAURUS Type of animal science: Classification Fields of study: Evolutionary science, paleontology, physiology Allosaurus is the archetypal allosaurid, and was the dominant carnosaur of the Late Jurassic. Allosaurus is best known from the remains of at least sixty specimens collected at the Cleveland-Lloyd dinosaur quarry in Utah.

As adults, most amphibians seek out aquatic environments in which to deposit their eggs. These can range from fast-flowing mountain streams to ephemeral roadside ditches. Most male frogs have species-specific mating calls that serve both to attract females and to prevent interbreeding. Frogs have external fertilization, in which the male typically grasps the female and encourages her to deposit her eggs, which he promptly fertilizes. Normally, both parents abandon the eggs, but some variations of this pattern exist.

Each recognizes the others as being members, and membership is restricted to those who are among the founders or who are born into the smaller group and who conform in recognizable ways to the norms of the group. Hierarchy or rank is recognized, and often there is a division of labor within the group. It has been demonstrated that those species which spend a large amount of time providing for their young tend to have developed higher social orders. Humans, for example, must care for their young much longer, before these young are able to become independent, than must many of the lower forms of animal life.

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