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The adult bats in each group usually are not related. vampire bats feed only on blood. they quietly land on the ground next to a sleeping animal, creep up to it, make a small cut on the animal with their sharp teeth, and lap up the blood that flows from the wound. A bat needs about two tablespoons (30 ml) of blood every night. when it is successful in finding a meal, its stomach becomes round and full. if a vampire bat misses a meal for two nights in a row, it will starve to death. not all bats can find a meal.

Each pair of penguins establishes and defends a tiny nesting territory that can be only inches from its neighbors. Each nesting pair is selfish Schools and flocks 59 An emperor penguin feeds its young regurgitated food. Parents and their chicks maintain strong bonds until the young penquins are able to care for themselves. 60 AnimAl life in groupS about its own food and feeding its new chick. The birds do not cooperate with one another to raise the young, but the colony protects its penguin chicks by its sheer size.

They are also the undertakers, removing the bodies of any dead bees and keeping the hive clean. Then jobs change again. When they are about 18 days of age, the workers become the sentries and soldiers. They guard the hive from enemies and are ready to give their lives in its defense. Colonies of Ultimate Cooperators 43 Finally, when the workers are three weeks old, they fly from the hive to search for food and water. They collect nectar from flowers and return it to the hive. The queen, the drones, other workers, and the young are fed through their efforts.

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